Complete Maya Programming (Volume II)
An In-depth Guide to 3D Fundamentals, Geometry, and Modeling

By David A. D. Gould






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Building on the first volume, this book presents a detailed explanation of fundamental computer graphics concepts, Maya's geometry types, and how to write your own custom modeling tools.

The book is written with a focus on problem solving so each area is presented in detail starting with the initial concepts right through to the implementation of the solution in both MEL and the C++ API. The layout of the book makes it faster and easier to later refererence particular solutions. The source code is firstly presented then a detailed explanation of each line of code is given.

The computer graphics concepts of points, vectors, rotations, matrices, transformations, and hierarchies are first covered. This provides the reader with a solid foundation for their future computer graphics programming and technical directing needs. Building upon this foundation, all the Maya geometry types (polygonal meshes, NURBS curves, NURBS surfaces, and hierarchical subdivision surfaces) are covered in detail. Each type is explained beginning with the concepts relating to the type, followed by a detailed explanation of the source code (MEL and C++) that demonstrates how to create, display, and edit the given type.

Lastly the creation of custom modeling tools is presented. The basic concepts of creating custom contexts (tools) are first covered. Several example tools are presented which cover contexts, context commands, custom drawing, user interaction (mouse, keyboard, numerical input), undo/redoing, construction history, and graphical user interfaces (icons, shelves, property sheets).