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1.0 and 1.1




3dsmax 3.x, 4.x, 5.0 / Viz 3.x, 4.x


This plugin will take a Kuper motion control data file and apply it to a Free Camera.


You can open a Kuper motion control file in the File section. Set the FPS to the rate at which the motion control rig was sampled. Once a file is opened its name and the number of samples it contains is displayed.

You can then set which of the translations and rotations you want to apply to the camera. Having selected a Free Camera you then click on Apply to Camera to have the motion control data applied.

You can set different translation and rotation options then click on Apply to Camera to have the data reapplied.

Using the Plugin

  1. Open your scene.
  2. Create a Free camera if there isn't one already.
  3. Open the Utility panel then click on More...
  4. Select the DgMoCon utility. The plugin's rollup page is then displayed.
  5. Click on Open... then select the Kuper ASCII data file.
  6. Select the free camera to which the data should be applied.
  7. Click on Apply to Camera.

    The motion data is then applied to the selected camera. Once the data is loaded you can selectively apply parts of it to your camera. Check those parts(Track, Roll, etc) that you want to apply then click on Apply to Camera.