Illustrate! 1.5

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"...Illustrate! is loaded with features and is capable of performing applications that were previously impossible within 3D Studio. Hats off to David Gould and company for this truely unique plug-in! Illustrate!'s features and affordable price make it irresistible to serious animators."

Lee Steel [Planet Studio Magazine] - Lee Steel is a member of Kinetix's Multimedia User Advisory Board.


THE SIMPSONS "Virtual Springfield" GAME

"Comprised of the whole town in 3D, and 2D character animation (just like the show, with the original voices).

The 3D portion was modelled entirely in 3DS4, and the VS Main Project File is, to my knowledge, one of, if not _the_, largest single .PRJs ever created. Comprised of over 100 city blocks holding more than 500 individual buildings, most of which were modelled from the actual model sheets used on the TV show, the final Main Project File totals nearly 8 million polys. 84 cameras are animated to traverse the nearly ten scale miles of two-way-navigable streets.

More than 1100 individual flics were rendered, all using Dave Gould's Illustrate! IPAS to achieve the cartoon-in-3D look to match the show."

Sean Platter [Project Director] - Vortex Media Arts



With Illustrate! you can now fool your clients into thinking you've got a full time animation staff at your disposal. Illustrate! works by using your 3D objects as the basis for creating 2D contour outlines from the parameters you set, to produce stunning illustrated images. These images can also be composited with 3D Studio photorealistic renderings for a truly unique look!

Feature List

Welcome to the Illustrate! IPAS Plug-in. The plug-in that makes you an instant artist in no time. This plug-in is designed to produce illustrated images from inside 3DS using your existing scenes. It works as an AXP that takes the objects and view parameters(camera, user view, etc) and then produces an illustrated image using a proprietary rendering engine. You can define such diverse art materials as brushes, paints, strokes, and papers that will give you total control over the final illustration. These images can also be composited with 3DS images using the included IXP, thereby allowing for a combination of both photorealistic and illustrated(non-photorealistic) images in your final images and animations.

Minimum Requirements

Main Features



Art Materials

The art materials library allows you to create a comprehensive toolkit of art materials and tools for use in your illustrations. You have all the standard creation and editing features as well as the ability to store the materials to file. They can then later be merged into other scenes giving you the power define libraries of materials that can be applied to different scenes effortless. The following materials are available:


The style defines the way in which each individual object will be drawn.



All - includes all edges

3DS defined - edges defined as visible by 3DS(Display/Edges/Visible)

Material Change - edge where material is different on both sides

Interior Outline - outline interior to the object

Contour Outline - outline exterior to the object


A brush essentially defines the footprint used to paint with. The brush dialog box allows for real-time editing of brush options. Change an option and you get direct feedback as to what the final brush will look like. The brush options are:





Now that you've got your brush defined, dip it in some paint. The paint options allows an incredibly vast range of effects including many found in your favorite image editors. The paint options are:




Having the brush in hand with paint smeared on the end, now define how you are going to "dab" the brush to define the strokes. The stroke options are:




Now you are ready to paint. But paint on what? This is where the paper object comes into play. The paper object defines the "background" on which the illustration is drawn. Its options are:



Main Dialog Box

Edit Style Dialog Box


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