Illustrate! Tutorials


All intermediate and advanced tutorials assume that you have completed the basic tutorials that came with the plugin. They assume that you have a basic understanding of the interface and how Illustrate! works. If you haven't done so complete the basic tutorials. You can access them from the Plugin Help under the topic Tutorials.

Completing the Tutorials Off-Line

These instructions assume you are browsing this site with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.

  1. Go to the tutorial page.
  2. Listed in the Materials: section of the tutorial are all the files needed to complete the tutorial. Save all 3DS MAX scenes(.max) to your local scenes directory. Save all images to your local maps directory.
  3. In IE select File | Save As... then type in a name and location for the tutorial on your local machine. Ensure that Save as type: is set to Web page, complete (*.htm, *.html)
  4. The tutorial is now saved to your local hard disk and can be opened offline.

All tutorial materials are restricted by copyright and as such can not be used for creating derived works.

Shockwave Flash




Topics Covered

Estimated Time to Complete

Sun Path

Illustrate! 5.x


  • Frame rates for Flash
  • Creating custom styles
  • Transparency
  • Simulating shading with sub-object materials

15 mins(approx)


Illustrate! 5.x


Simulating shadows

to be done...